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SOLTECH provide a range of biological cleaners which are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chemical cleaners. The range includes products for industries to include:

  • Marine/Offshore
  • Industrial
  • Hotel & Catering
  • Food Processing
  • Public Transport & Distribution
  • Office Cleaning
  • Drains & Sewers
  • Toilets & Washrooms

Products include Biosol Max-Pro for cleaning of contaminated porous surfaces, Biosol Plus for degreasing and cleaning of Painted Workshop Floors, and Spill Sponge which is a super absorbent product to replace conventional clay based products.


SOLTECH are independent Consultants for BELZONA POLYMERICS LTD who offer products and services to include:

  • Mechanical & Engineering products for maintenance and emergency repairs.
  • Building & Structure repair products include Concrete & Stone work repairs, Flexible membrane roof repairs, Anti-slip coatings through to specialist internal and external coatings.
  • Belzona Polymerics Ltd also offer a range of products and services for Bund Area applications to include supply of specialist coatings, whilst also giving access to a network of National Belzona trained applicators.


BELESTA is a division of BELZONA POLYMERICS LTD who offer a range of specialist high performance lubricants to include High Temp. Extreme Pressure Greases, Chain & Slideway Lubricants, through to Energy saving/Friction Reducing Lubricant Suppliments and High Temperature Anti-seize compounds.


“Lubrication is the lifeblood of most plant & machinery……without it equipment will cease to operate efficiently, thus resulting in unavoidable expense, downtime and lost production”.

We offer site surveys to evaluate current methods of application of lubricants, followed by a report advising where improvements can be made if appropriate. We design and supply lubrication equipment and systems to accommodate customer’s specific plant and machinery requirements. This includes single point lubricators through to Automated Multi-point Grease and Oil Systems.


Do you scrap your expensive worn mechanical components? – if you do, DON’T !!

Your worn components can be refurbished thereby reducing your maintenances costs, whilst also increasing
the life of the original component. Components that can be reclaimed include: Pumps – Shafts/Sleeves,
Casings & Impellers. Mechanical Seals, Valve Balls, Pump Rotors, Production Plant Components etc.


Services include pump supply, overhaul/repair & test services. gearbox overhaul and repair services. Remanufacture of engineering components, shafts & spares. Machining facilities to include:

  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Milling
  • Drilling and welding.


SOLTECH can economically refurbish worn valve balls typically from 1” to 8”Bores (larger on request) thereby reducing customers maintenance costs.


It is common practice in industry to replace worn mechanical seals, with the original Manufacture’s new replacement seals. In most instances SOLTECH can refurbish worn mechanical seals at very competitive prices, thereby reducing customers maintenance costs. In instances where mechanical seals are beyond economical repair, SOLTECH can offer new replacement seals a competitive prices.


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