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SOLTECH is a total solutions company with extensive experience in a wide range of business sectors. We are able to provide environmentally friendly solutions and technologies, to a wide range of market sectors, which are very cost effective and superior to alternative options to customers.

We offer Cleaning and Engineering solutions to the sometimes unusual and complex problems and applications experienced in Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Offshore operations.

In many cases clients approach SOLTECH with specific problems and we offer bespoke solutions accordingly. We have a proven track record of rapid response combined with innovative thinking, highly trained personnel and technical support.

SOLTECH is committed to offering clients both the Financial & Environmental cost savings and benefits to be achieved by the introduction of our leading edge Biological Cleaning Technologies and Engineering Products & Services.

As an independent Consultant for BELZONA POLYMERICS LTD we offer products and services to include:

Mechanical & Engineering products/services for maintenance and repairs.

• In situ repairs to worn shafts, pipes, tanks & machinery.

• Reclaimation / refurbishment services:- Your worn components can be refurbished thereby reducing your maintenances costs, whilst also increasing the life of the original components. Components that can be reclaimed include: Pumps – Shafts/Sleeves, Casings & Impellers, Rotary Valves & Rotors, Production Plant /machinery components etc.

Building & Structure products/services for facilities maintenance.

• Concrete & Stone work repairs, Flexible membrane roof repairs, Anti-slip coatings through to specialist internal and external coatings.

• Belzona Polymerics Ltd also offer a range of products and services for Bund Area applications to include supply of specialist acid resistant coatings, whilst also giving access to a network of National Belzona trained applicators.


BELESTA is a division of BELZONA POLYMERICS LTD who offer a range of specialist high performance lubricants to include High Temperature, Extreme Pressure Greases, Chain & Slideway Lubricants, through to Energy saving/Friction Reducing Lubricant Suppliments and High Temperature Anti-seize compounds.
By utilising BELESTA Technology into plant and machinery customers have benefited from the following:

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced wear.
  • Reduced vibration levels.
  • Reduced operating temperatures.
  • Reduced noise levels.
  • Extended lubricant life.
  • Reduced lubricant disposal costs.



SOLTECH offer a range of NTZ Micro Filtration Systems which typical can achieve lubricant filtration down to 0.5 micron, which as a consequence will offer the following benefits and cost savings:

  • Extend the life of hydraulic fluid from 3 - 10 times its normal expected life thereby reducing waste disposal cost.
  • Extend the life of existing expensive filters.
  • Extend hydraulic component life, therefore increasing reliability.
  • Reduce the oxidation process as well as stabilising the T.A.N. of the fluid.
  • Filter elements are relatively low cost & easy to change compared with big in-line pressure filters, and return line filters.



SOLTECH offer a range of environmentally friendly, NON-CHEMICAL cleaning solutions to routine, and sometimes unusual cleaning problems experienced in the industrial, marine & offshore market sectors. The products have been designed and developed to replace the harmful chemical solutions currently being used throughout industry.

Our biological enzyme products target and digest organic soiling such as foods and animal waste, fats, oils starches and proteins. By biologically degrading organic waste, the re-growth rate of potentially harmful bacteria can be reduced by effectively removing the bacteria’s food source.
SOLTECH BIOSOL products do not contain toxic or harmful chemicals, solvents or bleach. They are exceedingly powerful, and are more than sufficient to replace the acids, caustics and strong alkalis present in traditional cleaners.

Some of the products within the range include the following:

  • BIOSOL PLUS - Multi-purpose Liquid Cleander & Degreaser
  • BIOSOL MAX PRO - Hydrocarbon Digster
  • BIOSOL CLEAR - Odour free grease digester
  • BIOSOL ODOREAT - Highly concentrated odour eradicator

BIOSOL products provide safe alternatives for effective cleaning in the following areas:

  • Hotels & Catering – Galleys, Kitchens, Accommodation & Public Areas.
  • Drains and Sewers - grease and animal waste removal, odour control.
  • Processing - abattoirs, dairies, canning factories, sugar refining, starch processing, distilleries.

Benefits Include:

Reduction in cleaning product Infantry Reduced Infantry Costs
Reduced Staff Training Costs Enhanced Safety of Personnel
Replaces Toxic & Hazardous Cleaners Totally Safe to the Environment
Enhance your organisations Health, Safety & Environmental Policies.

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